Baltimore Secular Humanists (BSH)

BSH is a discussion group for exploring issues about morality, science, and society for WASH members or other interested people in the greater Baltimore, MD, area. Most of our members consider themselves to be freethinkers, nontheists (uninterested in supernatural matters or life after this world), atheists (disbelieve in a supreme being), agnostic (not convinced that there is evidence to believe in God),or “not sure” (don’t want to commit themselves on an opinion poll). Baltimore Secular Humanists is a participant in the Baltimore Coalition of Reason (BaltimoreCOR), sponsored by the UnitedCOR.

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Other links to BSH information and publications:

BSH Meetup Site:  Meetup site gives email reminders of BSH events

Harford County Atheists and Secular Humanists SIG Meetup:  Events in Harford County, MD

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