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BSH is a Chapter of Washington Area Secular Humanists, Inc. (WASH)

BSH is a discussion group for exploring issues about morality, science, and society for WASH members or other interested people in the greater Baltimore, MD, area. Most of our members consider themselves to be freethinkers, nontheists (uninterested in supernatural matters or life after this world),atheists (disbelieve in a supreme being), agnostic (not convinced that there is evidence to believe in God),or "not sure" (don't want to commit themselves on an opinion poll).

Baltimore Secular Humanists is a participant in the Baltimore Coalition of Reason (BaltimoreCOR), sponsored by the UnitedCOR

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February Meeting Topic: Darwin Day Speaker: Mike Reid on “Foundations of Evolution”

Sunday, February 12th at 10:30 am

Location: Joint meeting with Baltimore Ethical Society

Mike Reid will speak on "Foundations of Evolution". Like all accomplished scientists, Charles Darwin built on the work of his predecessors. With a slide presentation, Mike will discuss the amazing ideas of Erasmus Darwin (Charles’ grandfather who speculated on organisms originating from primitive ancestors), James Hutton (the 18th century geologist who discovered the antiquity of the Earth and speculated on natural selection), Sir Charles Lyell (the geologist who inspired Darwin and later became his close friend), Alfred Russel Wallace (the naturalist who independently discovered organic evolution and natural selection) and others who are less well-known, but also made essential contributions. Mike will argue that Charles Darwin was the greatest of the evolutionists, but that he was not the first or only one. He will also make the case that precursory scientific discoveries had to have been made and that society had to have reached a certain level of social, political, economic and technological development before evolutionary theory could be formulated. Mike Reid is the president of the Washington Area Secular Humanists (WASH), the parent organization of the Baltimore Secular Humanists. He holds degrees in geology and computer systems. He formerly taught geology and astronomy at a community college in California and works in the aerospace field and the space program. He has a long standing interest in the history of science and in the 19th century. Directions: The Baltimore Ethical Society is located at 306 West Franklin Street. (Rt. 40 west) in the heart of Baltimore between Howard and Eutaw Streets. Take I-95 north, merge onto I-395 north via exit #53 toward Downtown, Inner Harbor. Take Martin Luther King Blvd. exit. Turn right onto W. Mulberry St. (US 40 East). Turn left onto Park Avenue. Turn left onto West Franklin Street (Rt. 40 West), and proceed one block.

Harford County Area Special Interest Group

Time: February 23 at 7 pm

Location: Member's home

We are having regular meetings for secular humanists in Harford County. For meeting information, send an email to info @ bsh.wash.org.

March Meeting Topic: Video of Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Sunday, March 11th at 1:30 am

Location: East Columbia Library, Columbia, MD

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is the best-selling author of Infidel and Nomad . Her story of her rise from poverty in Somalia to a freethinker who is one of the leading critics of Islam is amazing. We will play a video of her interview.

Harford County Area Special Interest Group

Time: Thursday, March 22 at 7 p.m.

Location: TBD

Topic: DVD to be determined.




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 Thoughts about Trust

Link to Why the Gods are not Winning, by Gregory Paul and Phil Zuckerman , and other Greg Paul articles.

The Real Reason the Religious Right is Losing America, by Gregory Paul, OpEdNews 12/16/07


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Baltimore Secular Humanists is a participant in the Baltimore Coalition of Reason (BaltimoreCOR), sponsored by the UnitedCOR

Please remember that WASH is a volunteer organization. Contributions of your time and money are the core of WASH's ability to serve you, our membership. If you're not already a member, please consider joining for $35, or at least becoming a friend of WASH for $10. If you have the means to provide financial support for WASH beyond the membership dues, your contributions help WASH engage in projects such as the following:

o Printing of the Ingersoll Walk booklet (estimated cost: $300)

o Upgrades for the next Ingersoll Oratory Contest to include rental of a tent, an improved PA system, and upgraded prizes for contestants (estimated cost: $2,000).

o A project to make WASH generated videos available on YouTube (estimated cost: $500)

o Support for student groups (estimated cost: $500)

o Support for a fee-based speaker, such as professional interpreters of Jefferson (Steve Edenbo) or Madison, book authors, or others at a WASH event (estimated cost: $3,000)

o Advertising campaigns such as billboards (estimated cost: $5,000)


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