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What WASH Offers:

  • Intellectually stimulating programs.
  • Social and recreational events, including an annual dinner, summer picnic, hikes and the occasional group trip.
  • Informal discussion groups for exploring topics of interest to humanists.
  • WASHline, our lively monthly member newsletter, including articles, program schedules, book and movie reviews, and more.
  • Internet resources – an informative web site, and a number of e-mail list servers.
  • Connection to the larger humanist community through formal and informal alliances.
  • Service to the public and the media as a source of information about humanist perspectives on issues of contemporary concern.

Choose from THREE Membership Options:

“Friend of WASH” receives the WASHline and can attend any WASH Event. They may also be eligible for discounts to specific events or promotions.

“Individual Membership” gets you a subscription to WASHLine, discounts with our partners, and discounts for tickets to WASH Events. You also are eligible to vote at WASH elections and meetings.

“Household Membership” allows all members of your household access to a subscription of the WASHLine, discounts with our Partners and to ticketed WASH Events. It also gives voting rights to all adult members in WASH elections and meetings.

Membership Type
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If you have any questions about the online joining, renewal or registration process please contact us at memberships @

WASH is an incorporated 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization registered with the State of Maryland. Dues and contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. A copy of WASH’s current finanical statement is available by request by email or from Maryland’s Secretary of State.

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