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WASH publishes a monthly newsletter, WASHline, which includes an event calendar, essays, movie and book reviews, and items of note to the local humanist community. A complimentary copy of WASHline may be obtained at any chapter meeting.


green bookHumanist Perspectives II, “The Green Book”

A new WASH publication in the tradition of the earlier “Blue Book” has been published. Humanist Perspectives II, Culture and Politics, nicknamed “The Green Book,” is a collection of essays written by WASH members.


Image 2The Blue Book

In 1999 WASH Published a book of essays by its members called Humanism: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives, which has come to be known as “The Blue Book.” Copies of the Blue Book are no longer available, but all of the essays are available online.


handbookThe Membership Handbook

Published in 2004, this is a guide for new WASH members.




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The WASH Brochure

The brochure is a folded handout, which introduces WASH.

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