Dare to Care Conference Schedule


Saturday April 14th 
First Unitarian Universalist Church

8:30 am
Registration and Exhibits Open

9:00am – 9:15am
Rob Penczak: Introduction Dare to Care Conference

9:15am – 9:20am
Jason Callahan: Humanist Invocation

9:20am -10:05am
Roy Speckhardt: Conversations on Humanism

10:05am – 10:35am
Robyn Blumner: Science Denial in the United States and What We Can Do About It.

10:45am -11:00am 
Larry Mendoza: A Tidbit on Critical Thinking

Christine Shellska: Rhetoric as a Tool to Advance Skepticism

Anthony Magnabosco: Caring Enough to Change Minds

12:15pm – 1:00pm
Lunch (available to purchase or on your own)

1:00pm -2:00pm 
Panel: No Saviors Allowed: The Real on Black Secular Activism, and What we all need to DO!
Featuring: Mandisa Thomas, Candace Gorham, Tiffany Green, with Jason Callahan as Moderator

2:00pm -2:40pm
Hypatia Alexandria & Lilandra Ra: Planning our cities including underserved populations to achieve a more equitable society

2:50pm -3:30pm
Sylvia Clute: Creating a Parallel Model of Justice: Unitive, not Punitive   

3:30pm -4:10pm
Krissi Vandenberg: Considering Speciesism: Under the Umbrella of Humanism

4:15pm -5:00pm   
Mark Reimers: Understanding ourselves in evolutionary terms: the new neuroscience of human nature

5:00pm – 5:45pm
Dinner (available to purchase or on your own)

5:45pm -6:25pm
Bertha Vazquez: Teachers Helping Teachers with Evolution Education: How Richard Dawkins Made it Happen

6:25pm -7:05pm
David Tamayo: Artificial Intelligence & Transhumanism

7:15pm -8:00pm
Aron Ra: Religious “Values”: exploring how little of the dominant faith’s perspective is actually valuable or praiseworthy

8:05 pm -9:00 pm
Anthony Magnabosco: Street Epistemology Hands-on Workshop

Humanist Hangout: Hyatt Lobby Bar
Informal social gathering in hotel bar – snacks and cash bar available

Sunday April 14th
Diversity Richmond

Registration and Exhibits Open

Bill Harrison:  Welcome

10:10am -10:15am
Tiffany Green: Invocation

10:15am -10:55am
Larry Decker:  Keeping the ‘Faith’ – why we must continue to engage even when progress feels impossible.

10:55am -11:25am 
Samantha McGuire & Larry Mendoza: Do the things! Building Communities through Activism

11:35am -11:55am 
Rob Penczak: Addressing Climate Change

11:55am -12:20pm 
Chris Wiegard: Climate solution: price carbon, refund money

12:25pm -1:00pm
Sam Mickens:  Lessons from South Africa

1:00pm – 1:45pm
Lunch (available to purchase or on your own)

1:45pm -2:30pm
Panel: Discussion of LGBTQ+ Issues
Featuring: Bill Harrison, Apryl Prentiss, Jeanne Pupke, with Lacette Cross as Moderator

2:30pm -3:05pm 
Muhammad Syed: Ex-Muslims of North America

3:10pm -3:55pm
Panel: Secular Organizations Leaders 

  • Roy Speckhardt, American Humanist Association,  Executive Director
  • Robyn Blumner, Center for Inquiry, CEO and Executive Director
  • Larry Decker, Secular Coalition for America, Past Executive Director
  • Ron Millar, Center for Freethought Equality, Director
  • Christine Shellska, Atheist Alliance International, Past President
  • Mandisa Thomas, Black Nonbelievers, President and Founder
  • David Tamayo, Hispanic American Freethinkers, Past President and Founder
  • Muhammad Syed, Ex-Muslims of North America, President
  • Jason Callahan, Greater Richmond Humanists, Co-President

Samantha McGuire as Moderator

4:05pm -4:50pm
Panel: secular individuals running for political office with Ron Millar, Jenefer Hughes, Aron Ra, Wynne LeGrow, with Lisa Fleming as Moderator

4:55pm -5:40pm
Becky Conner & Justin Jones; Effective Grassroots Activism

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